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Cornerstone Technologies is dedicated to making our clients' ideas a reality. We provide consultancy, application development, and software testing services to ensure that those ideas stay true to the customer's vision every step of the way.

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AI Expertise

In the coming years, every business will integrate artificial intelligence into its software systems. They'll realize the significance of training foundation or core models specifically tailored to their business. Our engineers excel at crafting these models from the ground up to prevent 'hallucinations'.


Blockchain Expertise

We have developed solutions using this technology since the inception of Ethereum. Our familiarity with DLT helps you swiftly and securely put your product or idea on the internet’s fastest growing technology.


Mobile App Development

Our mobile apps serve to distill your concept into an efficient and easily navigable package. CST programmers are experts in creating amazing streaming, shopping, and gaming apps for both iOS and Android.


Web App Development

Nothing enhances your organization quite like a well-crafted application. CST web solutions, which incorporate .NET, Java, Node.js, React, and Angular, are engineered to meet your specific requirements, offering ecommerce capabilities, data collection, and beyond.


Why work with CST?


25+ Years of Experience.

Cornerstone Technologies was founded in 1998 with the goal of providing the best engineering talent in the world to its customers. Over those years we have been on the cutting edge of the transition from the genesis of the internet to web3, including three global recessions.


Wide Breadth of Expertise.

Starting with building the world's first online realtime banking solution in 1998, we have developed an expertise not only in financial services, but also in Agritech, Biotech, Data Management, Edutech, Healthcare/Fitness, Media, and Philanthropy.


Worldwide Reputation for Excellence.

CST is always looking to support the ideas of others, no matter where those ideas come from. The majority of our clients are in the United States, but our client base includes continents such as Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia. We are always glad to connect somewhere new.

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Cornerstone Technologies is a global software engineering company providing consulting, design, application development, and testing services since 1998.

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