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Who We Are

"Since 1998, Cornerstone Technologies has been providing highly
skilled engineering talent to global customers."

Many people think of subpar programming when they think of offshore software development. While that is sometimes the case, our beginnings are different. Cornerstone was founded in 1998, when our leadership went looking for the best engineering resources in the world.

Over the years, we have worked closely with the universities in Romania to provide secondary employment for professors while working around their course schedules. Not only has this generated good will with the universities, but it has also ensured that the next generation of students will be just as talented.

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What We Offer

Application Development

Turning great ideas into great solutions requires a great team. The world is full of average programmers, but brilliant programmers are hard to find. Each one of our software engineers is an expert in several technologies. We are developing large scale solutions for WEB (Java, .Net/C#, PHP, Ruby, NodeJS, Javascript Frameworks), Mobile (iOS, Android - both native and cross-platform), Database (SQL/No-SQL), Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

QA and Software Testing

You have probably heard the saying that every software application has bugs (defects). Bugs generally are the result of either miscommunication, unrealistic timeframes, poor design, coding practices, insufficient version controls, or lack of change management. Most of these problems can be eliminated.

Consulting Services

Software is great at solving repetitive tasks. Our team specializes in looking for technology solutions for these repetitive tasks, thus making your employees more efficient. By automating these highly repetitive tasks, your employees can focus on tasks that require their expertise.

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