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Some of the solutions CST has developed over the years



Adventia is a wellness solution to save lives and prevent diseases that are currently only being managed by the standard of care. The solution clearly identifies early risk for heart attack, stroke, and diabetes, and provides the tools to minimize the risk.


Careers in White

We worked on rearchitecting a solution for improving the largest career platform for medical personnel in Europe. The solution is designed to provide the best online experience with a smart, easy to access website and a biannual three-week virtual fair.


Vector Watch

We worked with Vector Watch engineers on their mobile applications. Vector Watch designed and developed wearable technology to simplify lifestyles. Vector was acquired by Fitbit in 2017 and our relationship continued beyond the acquisition.


Quick Board

A web and mobile solution was developed for the QuickBoard system. The Quick Board is an easy-to-use assessment and training system used by performance, sports medicine and rehabilitation staffs around the world. The system's versatile software is fully customizable to target speed, reaction, strength, coordination, proprioception, balance and mobility.



An online solution was developed for Dreamers Merchants to give people with all abilities the chance to own and manage a personalized online store selling Dreamers products.



An OTT solution was developed for WaypointTV to provide the highest quality (HQ) fishing, hunting, and outdoor shows and short films on the web, mobile, SmartTVs, Roku, and FireTV. Anywhere, anytime, on any device. Video streaming at up to 1080p allows cord cutters free access to premium outdoor content.



The serious game enabling organizations to leverage the previous, current and future learning investments. The game was developed to be very practical, with the 70-20-10 learning rule in mind. The engagement of the players is ensured by the interaction with their avatar, as well as the economic, social and moral incentives embedded into the game design.



In 2014, we started to develop a solution for SmartMart - the world's only fully automated, shop from the driver's seat market. Since then we are constantly improving the system and monitoring several stores in production in US.


Historic Images

This project is the premier online marketplace for vintage photography. They partner with media organizations and photographers to bring new life to vintage photographs. They have the ability to scan, edit, and database photographic archives, bring them to one or more online marketplaces, and help customers unlock the value of their archive.


Mid-South Health Information Exchange

A solution was developed for the Mid-South Health Information Exchange. This project represents the first project of its kind in the Mid-South; a Health Information Exchange that will connect provider of one specialty (Pediatrics) at the individual practice level.



A solution was developed to improve the “O” Zone mobile applications available for Orgill customers to use to order merchandise. Users can search for items, review and order promotions, use budgeting tools to track department spending, review order history and browse through purchases.



We developed a tool that simplifies fundraising and supports for communities. Groups raise money by teaming up with the favorite local business.


Optical invoice recognition solution

In 2005, an optical invoice recognition solution was developed to intelligently read paper invoices and capture not only the text, but understand and capture the relationships and hierarchy of information on the pages. This hierarchical information allowed the paper invoices to be audited with the customer's inventory and contracts.


Real estate title search solution

In 2002, an automated real estate title search solution was developed to scour secured private websites for title information and to present the information for legal review. The solution and spin-off company were sold to Stewart Title Guaranty Company.


Telecom expense management solution

In 2001, the first telecom expense management solution was put into production. Within one month, all of the development cost was recovered in hard dollar savings found in carrier invoices. Jason Fisher acquired the intellectual property back and founded Asentinel with the other Cornerstone partners and David Perdue. (Patent #7340422 and #7805342)


Real-time online banking solution

In 2000 while other banks were providing batch online banking solutions, Cornerstone developed the first real-time online banking solution. The solution included implementing a secure proprietary protocol to communicate information between the bank's mainframe, check imaging servers, and webservers. The solution underwent a rigorous security audit before going into production.


Virtual enterprise management solution

In 1999, a virtual enterprise management solution was developed. Initially it was designed as a tool for online teaching, but it eventually became a full featured online project management solution that supported CMM Level 4 reporting requirements. (Patent #20040030992)


Light-gauge steel engineering solution

In 1998, a solution to engineer light-gauge steel building was developed for Jewell Building Systems. The solution completed the structural engineering for custom buildings according to every building code in the country, created the AutoCAD drawings as well as a build sheet for every nut and bolt in the building.

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