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Cornerstone Technologies provides technology services and solutions.

Cornerstone Technologies provides technology services and solutions.

Since 1998, Cornerstone has specialized in offering highly skilled off-shore software development, consulting, and software testing to our customers.

Consulting Services
Application Development
QA and Software Testing

You have probably heard the saying that every software application has bugs (defects). Most of the causes for these problems can be eliminated. Bugs generally are the result of either miscommunication, unrealistic timeframes, poor design, coding practices, insufficient version controls, or lack of change management. Understanding these potential problems and having the right team and management in place significantly reduces software defects.

After our application development teams have coded and unit tested a release, it is the responsibility of our QA teams to validate the new release before it is deployed. Our QA engineers are software engineers who understand the inner workings of the application. They develop and update automated testing scripts with each release to ensure that each release meets the requirements and is regression tested.

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